Notice to Militaria Purchasers

As a person interested in historical militaria, you probably already know that there are many places where certain items cannot be sold. Items from Nazi Germany, other facist/communist countries, historic firearms and parts, and others cannot be listed on certain websites. When we cannot list an item for sale online due to these regulations, we'll list it here. Certain items aren't allowed in many states/countries. We are not responsible for that. We expect that all customers will have researched the necessary laws/regulations to determine if they are legally allowed to own such an item. If you buy something you're not supposed to have where you live, that's your problem. We will not make excuses for you. On the off chance that we offer a firearm or parts for sale we will ONLY do business with a purchaser through an outside FFL dealer. All laws/regulations will be obeyed.

How to Purchase Items

If you wish to buy some of our highly-collectible crap listed on this website, you MUST send an email stating that you want to buy it! Over the years we've received TONS of emails asking "How much is shipping to (enter somewhere we've never heard of here)?" only to NEVER HEAR FROM THE PERSON AGAIN! Just because you asked how much shipping is doesn't mean you've put your "dibs" in on an item. We thought that would be pretty-well understood....and again, we were wrong.
Catalog Listings are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you see an item you're interested in purchasing, email us first to make sure we still have it in stock. Simply sending money to us will not ensure that you will be the buyer of that item. Catalog Listing payments are expected within 3 days of the confirmation email and PayPal Invoice we will send stating that you are the first to have "dibs" on it. If the initial buyer does not remit payment within those 3 days, the second person to email us will then be contacted, and so forth. See our Store/Site Policies page for more information on payment and shipping options.