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Welcome to the individual listings of items we can't sell other places. Did you read the instructions on the CCYDNE Militaria page? Good. Let's shop!

Original WWII German Army Dress Dagger

click to enlarge
This is an ORIGINAL WWII German Army Dress Dagger with hanger and Portapee. It is the "standard issue," not for a general or other VIP. Has a Carl Eickhorn etched squirrel holding sword trademark. Silver-plated hilt fittings show dark age patina to well-detailed oak leaf embellished pommel, ferrule and crossguard. Yellowed celluloid grip is more orange than yellow but has no nicks or cracks. Blade has tiny part of the tip missing and very little discoloration with no runner marks. Silver-plated scabbard shows age patina but no lifting and is complete with the thick throat and reverse, center mounted, flat-head screw normally associated with Eickhorn 2nd pattern Army daggers. Dagger is complete with deluxe hangers in good condition showing age and wear with fraying to small area of Portapee from use.

This is a WWII veteran's bring-back "souvenir" we obtained from his estate. We usually list all German WWII items as reproduction unless we're absolutely certain it's an original. After speaking with the family of the veteran and viewing the item, we know it's NOT a fake. Additional photos can be provided upon request


.45 caliber Squad Cleaning Kit

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Excellent example of the hard-to-find cleaning kit used by WWII GIs.  This kit includes 5 brass cleaning rods, brass oiler, brass canister with patches, and 7 bore brushes, 4 screwdrivers, and an unknown item (possibly a case extractor).  This has been in a personal collection for over 15 years and is more complete than many you'll find on the marketplace these days!  The case itself is in great condition with no dents.  There is a little surface rust, but what 60+ year-old item doesn't have some?  Buy it now!

Price: $450.00

WWI & WWII GI Canteens and Cover

click to enlarge
For many, Canteens, Cups, and Covers are the "trash" of WWII collecting as in everybody has at least one. But for the budding collector or reenactor, these are NOT trash, but a part of history.

Canteen #1 (left) - Has "U.S. S.M. CO 1943" on bottom. Small dent on front side. First pattern plastic cap with attached chain. No cork. Clean inside. Price: $15.00
Cover #1
(center) - Has "L.G.C.&CO. 1917" on interior flap. Interior has wool-ish lining. Exterior in good shape but someone has removed the belt hook and put a small black leather covering (for a belt?).  Should be an easy fix to repair or just leave it as an oddity.  Price: $15.00
Canteen #2
(right) - Has "U.S. S.M. CO 1943" on bottom. No dents. First pattern plastic cap with attached chain. No cork. Clean inside. Price: $18.00

All of these items would be great for a young or beginning collector or WWI/WWII reenactor.

WWII 35th Infantry Division Video History

click to enlarge
A long time ago (before DVDs, CDs, VHS, Beta, etc.) there was a method of showing films to soldiers. It was called "16mm" and was shown on a "screen" from a "projector." If you have no idea what we're talking about, ask your parents or grandparents.
Ok, enough sarcasm.  Years ago when one of us was a member of the Missouri National Guard, he discovered an original copy of "The Big Wheel - A history of the 35th Infantry Division" in one of the unit's armories. He was able to borrow it and have it transferred to VHS. The tape sat in a box until recently and we put it on DVD and now offer it to the general public. It's part of the public domain, so there are no copyright issues to worry about.
This film is about 15 minutes long, in black-&-white, and covers the history of the 35th Division from pre-WWI through WWII. The film is an official US Army production (#7723) and has lots of film footage that we've never seen before. The film does have shots of GIs wearing the 35th patch so you know it's not stock footage of any ol' GI wandering around Europe.
When ordering, please let us know if you want it in DVD or CD-ROM configuration. The price below DOES include shipping on this item.

Price: $15.00 each

AR-15/M-16 30-round magazines

click to enlarge
AR-15/M-16 30-round metal magazines. They are all used, but not abused, and all function just fine.  There are no COLT marked ones in this pile, sorry.  You will get whatever we grab from the box, no picking.  Buy them now before someone changes the law.


Foreign Legions of the Third Reich, Volume 1

click to enlarge
Foreign Legions of the Third Reich, Volume 1: Norway, Denmark, France by David Littlejohn.  Published by R. James Bender Publishing, Copyright 1979 (1987 2nd Printing).  During WWII, the Germans didn't fight alone.  They called upon many "volunteers" from the countries they either captured or with whom they were allied.  For the most part, these "Foreign Legions" are now forgotten except to those who have studied the Third Reich intently and/or reenact some of the "volunteer" units.
This long out-of-print book covers the military and para-military organizations of Norway, Denmark, and France that fought with the German army.  The 208 pages are crammed with original photos and color plates detailing badges, cuff titles, patches, posters, and just about anything else worn or used by these units.  This is only Volume 1 of the 4 volume set -- and you'll certainly want the others after you've read this one!
If you buy/sell/collect WWII German militaria and have run across that oddball item you just can't seem to identify, it's probably in this book!  If not this one, then one of the other 3 in the series.  We use them extensively when looking for new items so we can make sure our customers get what they're paying for and know what each item is.  A definite MUST HAVE for any WWII collector!

M-1 Carbine Trigger Housing, Stripped, Inland Mfg.

click to enlarge
 What you see is what you get!! It's an Inland-marked trigger housing for the M-1 Carbine. I don't know which variation it is or if it's a Type A or Type B. It has the Inland mark on it, it's made of metal, and that's about all there is to say for it. While we like to think of ourselves as educated persons regarding the M-1 Carbine, we're not going to split hairs here. But, if you just HAVE to know, we can find out but don't be in a hurry for the answer -- there were THOUSANDS of these made!!! However, if you're looking for a solid housing to help repair your M-1 Carbine, then look no further!

And, by the way, be sure to know your local laws regarding if you can have this item shipped to you or not. You're all adults out there (or should be monitored by a responsible adult, at least) and it's on you to know what you can and can't do. So there....that's our legal disclaimer. (More info can be found on CCYDNE Militaria and Store/Site Policy page)

Price: $125.00

M-1 Carbine Butt Plates, Various Manufacture

click to enlarge
Once again, what you see is what you get. We've only got a few of these and some we know the manufacturer of (by the pattern) and most we don't. If you just HAVE to have a certain manufacturer's plate -- email first to see if we still have any!!! And don't expect to get a handful of each -- just imagine what's showing in the picture is all we have left and that's if someone else didn't get to one or more of them first!!

And, yes, these are originals so there will be dirt, rust, etc. still on them. If you can't stand the thought of having something without any usage being shipped to you, you've come to the wrong place.

Price: $25.00 each

M-1 Carbine Front Band, Inland Manufacture, Set of 2, Still Wrapped

click to enlarge
It's not often we find items still in their original wrapping! But, for those of you who collect Carbine parts or who want to modify your own, here's the genuine item fresh in it's own packaging!!

You get two (2) Band, Front Assembly parts from the Inland Mfg. Division G.M.C. for either the M-1 or M-2 Carbine. Since we don't know that many who have an M-2 (or will admit to having one even though they're awesome!), we're marketing these for the M-1. Now, if you've got an M-2, you're also MORE than welcome to purchase these as well!

A great item if you're just a parts collector and even better if you're a fixer-upper-type!! Don't let these get by!!

Price: $50.00

WWII-era Ration Heating Fuel Tablets

click to enlarge
These unique little items are cans of "Wood Alcohol, Fuel-Tablet, Ration Heating" that the WWII (and after) GI used to heat up his food or drink in his mess kit or canteen cup.  These cans are shown on page 181 of Government Issue, Volume 1. It should be noted that the US Army also put the instructions on the lid along with the notation that the liquid and tabs were POISON.  So don't drink it!
These items were used from WWII through the Korean War and into the 1960s.  Only with the advent of the flameless heaters in the MREs did these items fade out of the army inventory.
We have six of these little cans available and they are all in very good shape with just a bit of surface rust that does not detract from their appearance.  They are all unopened(!) and when you shake them, you can still hear the liquid inside.  A great item to add to the GI collector or reenactor's display

Price: $5.00 each

We also do WWII re-enacting and historical preservation services. Let us know if there's something specific you're looking for and we'll see if we can find it!

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