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This is where we list items for which we have no photos. Mostly because if you've seen one, you've seen them all.
Or, we decided they didn't need a photo. Either way, hope you find something you like! 

WWII Patches

WWII AGF Replacement Depot patch
This unit was established to help funnel the replacements so needed by the US Army in WWII to the front lines.  AGF stands for "Army Ground Forces." Price: $5.00

WWII Hawaiian Department patch
CC218.  This unit commanded the Hawaiian Islands before, during and after WWII.  Patch was also seen in the movie "From Here to Eternity."  Price: $3.00
WWII 15th Army patch
CC277. This army was activated on August 21st 1944 and arrived in France in November 1944 to help retrain elements of the 12th Army Group after the Battle of the Bulge. Following this, the command moved to France where they took over the duties of watching the German-held French ports.. Price: $5.00

WWII Northwest Service Command patch
CC280. The basic mission of this US command located in Canada during the war was to build and maintain the Alaska-Canada (Alcan) Highway from British Columbia to Alaska. They did such a good job that the highway is still used to this day. Price: $6.00

WWII Labrador, NE Canada Base Command patch

CC284. This patch was worn by US Army personnel on duty during WWII in the eastern part of Canada. Price: $4.00
WWII 10th Army patch
CC285. This unit was commanded by Gen. Simon Buckner and participated in the invasion of the Ryukyus Island Group (Okinawa) in 1945. During the fighting Gen. Buckner was killed by enemy shellfire and replaced by Gen. Joe Stilwell. Price: $4.00

WWII 11th Armored Division patch
This unit (also known as The Thunderbolt Division) was activated at Camp Polk, Louisiana.  The unit particiapted in the Battle of the Bulge and the final drive into Germany. The unit ended the war on the banks of the Danube River and was inactivated in August of 1945.  Price: $10.00

WWII 5th Armored Division patch
This unit (also known as The Victory Division) was activated at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  The unit participated in the Normandy, Liberation of France, Huertgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge and the final drive into Germany. The unit was inactivated in the USA in October of 1945.  Price: $10.00

WWII Eastern Defense Command patch
This unit was responsible for the defense of the entire eastern region of the United States during WWII.  They ran the coastal defense forts and the early-warning systems to prevent an Axis-attack on the US.  Price: $5.00

Vietnam-era Patches

49th Infantry Division patch
This full-color patch is the post-war Infantry Division that was located in California.  Never went to Vietnam.  Price: $5.00
US Army Antiaircraft Command
Nice full-colored patch of the command that helped guard the skys over America from WWII and into the Cold War..  Price: $4.00
18th Engineer Brigade patch
This original subdued patch is for one of the engineer brigades that served in Vietnam and arrived there in 1966.  Elements of the brigade received many awards and citations while in Vietnam.  The unit was deactivated in 1971.  Price: $4.00
US Army Engineer Command - Vietnam patch
This unit was formed to supervise all non-divisional engineer units in Vietnam and the patch was authorized to wear in December of 1970.  Price: $5.00
WWII GI overseas caps (original)
1.  Approx. size 7 with infantry(?) piping, khaki cotton and staining on the inside liner.  Price:  $15.00
2.  Size 7 1/8 with ordiance piping, khaki cotton and clean inside.  Price: $12.00
3.  Size 7 1/4 with quartermaster/finance(?) piping, khaki cotton and clean inside.  Price:  $12.00
4.  Size 7 khaki cotton with no branch color. Price: $10.00
5.  Size 7 1/4 OD wiool serge with chemical warfare (purple/yellow) piping.  Price:  $12.00
WWII GI Thompson SMG Mags (original)
Have both 20- and 30-round Thompson SMG mags.  Contact us for availability, condition, manfacturer, and number available. Currently SOLD OUT of 20-round mags and 30-round mags.
WWII GI Coast Artillery items (original)
1.  Pre-WWII 1st Coast Artillery Patch.  Price: $10.00
2.  WWII 1st Coast Artillery Patch.  Price: $7.00

Post-WWII Unit Distinctive Insignia

203rd Engineer Bn. Clutchback with P23 hallmark. Missouri Army Guard unit. Motto: "Don't Kick Our Dog."  Price: $7.00
6th Infanty Bn.  Clutchback attached to current Army beret flash.  Unknown hallmark.  Motto: "Unity Is Strength."  Price: $5.00
67th Signal Bn. Clutchback with NS Meyer hallmark.  Motto: "Rapid Flexable Reliable."  Price: $5.00
92nd Military Police Bn.  Clutchback with S30 hallmark. No motto. Current active duty unit. Price: $5.00
204th Military Police Bn.  Clutchback with Emblemcraft hallmark, Cold War era Missouri Army Guard unit.  Motto:  "Discipline Law Order."  Price:  $5.00
205th Military Police Bn.  Clutchback with P23 hallmark .  Missouri Army Guard unit.  Motto:  "Serve and Protect."  Price: $5.00
103rd Support Command.  Clutchback with E25 hallmark.  Motto:  "We Succeed."  Have 2 available.  Price:  $5.00 each
701st Military Police Bn.   Clutchback with V-21 hallmark.  Modern-day MP unit.  Motto:  "Assist By Example."  Price: $5.00
National Training Center (Ft. Irwin).  Clutchback with N.S. Meyer hallmark. Motto:  "Lead Train Win."  Price: $5.00
3rd Army.  Clutchback with N.S. Meyer hallmark.  Motto: "Semper Prima Tertia."  Price: $5.00
Meddac Fort Leonard Wood.  Clutchback with "S-21" hallmark.  Motto: "Compassion and Courage."  Price: $5.00
US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CIC). Clutchback with "E-23" hallmark.  Motto: "Do What Has To Be Done."  Price $5.00
66th Armor.  Clutchback with "P in circle" hallmark.  No motto.  Unit fought in WWI, WWII, and Desert Storm.  Price: $7.00

British Army Paper Money Lot

This lot contains 6 different "British Armed Forces" Special Voucher money  which is to be used only in certain places by British military personnel (whatever that means).  Notes include two different 1 pound notes, a 1 shilling note, a 50 pence note, a 10 pence note , and a 5 pence note.  Don't know the exact age but it must be from the late 1960s to now.  A great set for the British collector or reenactor!  Price: $12.00

Modern Patches

Individual Ready Reserve patch
Full color triangle patch for the army members who make up (and run) the IRR.  Price: $5.00

Infantry & Cavalry Patch Lot
CC80.  Set consists of 85th and 89th Infantry Divisions and 6th Cavalry Brigade.  All subdued.  Price: $2.00


US Army Air Defense Command patch
This full-color patch is for the modern US Army's Air Defense Organization and it replaced the AA Command.  Price: $4.00


US Army Air Defense School
Located at Fort Bliss, Texas, the US Army's Air Defense School trains soldiers how to use all kinds of missiles and guns to keep the skys clear over US Army forces.  Nice full-color patch.  Price: $3.00

Aviation Patches Lot #35
CC116.  This lot contains full-color patches for the 1st Aviation Brigade, Aviation School, and an unknown aviation patch in desert color; modern-day patches.  Price: $3.00


US Air Force Civil Engineer patch
Hey! How did am Air Force patch sneak in?  Anyway, the patch is the "pocket patch" for the Air Forces Civil Engineer "Prime Beef" trained personnel.  Subdued patch.  Price: $3.00

125th ARCOM patch
CC222.  This Army Reserve unit is located in Nashville, TN. Price: $1.00


Missouri National Guard State HQ patch
This full-color patch is for the State Headquarters of the Missouri National Guard that is located at Jefferson City.  Price: $5.00
49th Infantry Brigade patch
This full-color patch is for one of the infantry brigades of the California National Guard.  Price: $4.00
66th Military Intelligence Brigade patch
I know, make all the jokes about "military intelligence" you want, but this is still a nice full-color patch.  This brigade was a Regular Army unit stationed in Munich, Germany.  Price: $3.00
41st Infantry Brigade patch
This is a full-color patch for the Oregon National Guard's infantry brigade.  It's a remake of the WWII 41st Infantry Division patch.  Price: $2.00

We never know what we'll find or how much we'll get. Stay tuned to our website for more information!

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