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Who are these idiots?

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Who are these idiots?
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Customers often like to know about a company and people behind the products they sell. at your own risk!

Our Business Philosophy

We really don't have one, other than to make a lot of money, become famously wealthy and crush our enemies.  But until all of that happens, we hope to provide quality (or something like it) products at reasonable prices for you, our customers.  We understand the frustrations of finding that one-of-a-kind item and we hope to help make your search easier by offering a wide selection of products for you to spend your hard-earned money on.

Our Employees

We don't have any of those, either.  Our indentured servants (otherwise known as the owners) are both military historians and collectors.  One has a BFA in graphic design (how else do you think we figured out how to do this!) and is a volunteer trainer for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Awareness courses.  The other is a historical preservation graduate with over 30 years in the Army & Air National Guard who studied cinematography, engineering, and late-night partying.  Both have worked as newspaper editors and a number of other odd, disturbing jobs.  They even owned a military surplus/roleplaying game store for 5 years.  Then the Internet and eBay came along and the usual customers didn't need to come all the way downtown for a D&D or militaria fix.

Our Company

CCYDNE came about after the original retail store closed and a new name was needed.  We spent a lot of time at military shows hearing, "I can't afford that stuff (pointing at items on a table next to ours)!  Let's buy some of their cheap crap so I don't feel like I wasted a day!"  Thus, a business was born.  Also, it helps keep the owners from going crazy and being devoured by their own collections -- so we're passing the savings on to you!

Our Location

Lebanon, Missouri is located along Route 66 (the Mother Road) and has a vast and varied history.  Okay...actually, it was named Wyota after the local Indians (sorry, Native Americans) but was changed to Lebanon after a "highly respected minister" asked the town to rename it after his hometown in Tennessee.  It is reported that Lebanon has "magnetic" water (fortunately our flatware doesn't all stick together in the sink) and the area was kind of bi-polar during the Civil War as Union and Confederate forces alternatively occupied the town.  CCYDNE Hobbies is also located along Route 66 and easy to find.  We're across the road from the Cowen Civic Center in the Chalet Village.  Mention either of those names to the locals and they'll get ya' here.

Yeah....they're pretty comfortable in their geeky lifestyle. Hope you've got a sense of humor, too, or you're going to be really bored...

Specializing in the stuff you think you just can't live without.
Lebanon, Missouri, USA, Earth
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