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Welcome to our home on the Internet!  Here we hope to keep you informed of items we're selling, looking for, and other tidbits of interest.  We hope you enjoy visiting and perhaps find that treasure you've been searching for.

CCYDNE Hobbies ready for 1st Anniversary!!


 Wow!! May 1st will mark 1 year since we opened our second venture, CCYDNE Hobbies, in Lebanon, MO.  It's been a lot of fun and the store has been growing and growing.  We have a calendar of events with everything from Magic: The Gathering to Dungeons & Dragons to Warhammer 40K & Fantasy and much, much more.  Our customers have been enjoying the demonstration days we provide for new games and many have found new hobbies in addition to the ones they've done for years.

If you're ever in the Lebanon/Springfield/Branson area, be sure to stop by!  Our library of gaming titles continues to grow and we're always featuring more modern military surplus that doesn't quite fit on these pages.  Also, many of the items on the Utter Crap and Junior Crap pages are also being featured in the store.  Click the store's page's link over there on the left side of this page and follow it on Facebook for up-to-date information/sales/events!

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What you need to know!

CCYDNE was started on a whim to get rid of junk....I mean....highly collectable and valuable items that were taking up too much space in our collections (and the rest of the house).  Now it's a place where many come to see interesting and original items, find that perfect present for someone they love, somewhat like, or even occasionally can't stand but feel the urge to buy them something anyone 'cause it's a bargain.  For many others, however, it became a place to show people that just because you have the word "crap" in your business name doesn't mean it's not a popular idea!  Our daily hit counts are proof that you like us; you really, really like us!

So, sit back, surf the site, and buy something for crying out loud....  Bandwith isn't free anymore, y'know?!?

Our menu at left has lots of stuff -- so get shopping!  And who knows?  You might occasionally find a sale now-and-then.  You'll never know what we'll do!

-- Staff & Management (all 2 of us) of CCYDNE
Here's our current special:
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WWII M16 Binoculars and Carrying Case
These 7x50 magnification binoculars, with a reticle, were issued to several branches of the service, including the artillery. They were superseded during the conflict by the better waterproofed M17 Binoculars. The M24 leather case bears the marking D45874 on the front. Case does have solid wear to it but is perfect to take to the field instead of damaging your pristine original set. Neckstrap missing from the binoculars and the leather binding is also beginning to crack but does not lift away. However, none of the cosmetic issues interfere with the optics which are still in excellent condition. We have tested these and you can still easily see the reticle and focusing at distance is very accurate. An extraordinary find at a reasonable price!
Price: $100.00

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